Wednesday, 19 December 2012


over-packed bag
a bit much for 2 days and a night
intoxication to get through the shaky bus ride
a boat ride across the tungabhadra
waterfall guest house with ramu and vasu playing host
charlie with his gorgeous eyes and rancid stink
hash brown potatoes, nutella pancake, mint tea and lemonana by the dozen
bike rides
more intoxication
maus & pi for company
a dip in the river; the smell lingers
some more intoxication
breakfast that stretches into brunch that stretches into lunch
scouting for 300 year old trees
through the fields, through the trees, over the rocks to the river
but wait; a foot slips, an ankle twists
hobble hobble hobble back
away from the river, the rocks, the trees
carried over the fields
intoxication to numb the pain
rocky road back to the city
hampi was a blast - and i've a sprained ankle and a fractured wrist as testimony