Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tales from the Locker

In 3 days from now, i will be leaving a place that has become home for the past 4.5 years, The Fuller Life... And part of the process of leaving TFL is also clearing out the locker that's been assigned to you. 

So this locker means or rather holds different things for different people.. Some boringly use it to stow away their bag for the duration of the work day; some others (mostly the cyclists) keep their clean clothes in it, so they can quickly change into them when they step into office in their stinky, sweaty gear; some store miscellaneous client paraphernalia... 

My locker on the other hand, had oodles of character... or to be more specific, 4 and a half years of stuff that i thought i couldn't do without if i threw it away and thank God for that! Some of the things i found are: 

- a brown stuffed dolphin (where in the world can you find brown dolphins) 
- numerous files and brown paper covers 
- many, many books - all kinds of them.. chick-lit, periodic romances, action novels, morbid as hell graphic novels, and my personal favourite, The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid 
- safety pics, paper clips and sticky rubber-bands by the dozen... why, i stored them in the locker rather than the stationary kit, i don't understand
- a mini Indian flag, complete with mini flag-post and mini 24-spoke wheel
- Moov, Odomos and Toothpaste
- 1 Centerfresh chewing gum 
- My PSD and Adv notebook from my pre-TFL days. For idiots who don't understand the aforementioned cool acronyms, they're Product Sales & Distribution and Advertising. And the notebook obviously captured notes (oooooh!) on the intricacies of the aforementioned subjects. 

This notebook came along with my post-grad degree and a bunch of 7 called The Clings. And apart from the notes, it also captured snippets about a day in the life of the Ganga of yore, when life was so much simpler, sillier and oh so lovely. Along with a couple of shots at Name Place Animal Thing, loud thoughts such as "the poppets eyelids got heavier", number puzzles, list of clothes to pack for my cousins wedding and a note to self about calling oneself Scarhands, i also found in the notebook a little feature called "All thought, no show", that i had written. It contained my aspirations when i was young. And funnily enough, i aspire for the same even now. I wish i'd cleared out my locker earlier, so i found this.

And just in case you're wondering, it took me 3 whole hours to clear out the locker!

All Thought, No Show....

"Where the mind is without fear, and the held is held high. Into that heaven of freedom my father, let my country awake. " 

Rabindranath Tagaore, Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo

Where do we start when we aim to achieve a specific goal in due course? The first step is the hardest. Not because it's actually difficult or requires a certain amount of energy to be spent that we think could be better utilized, but because we are hesitant to take that first step. Hesitant as a result of what people might say, hesitant to take that extra effort, hesitant to make a decision supposing it might be the wrong one. 

We tend to either put off for later or put away completely, things that actually require to be finished right now. We assume things we want will automatically fall into place sometime in the future if we merely want it enough - publish a book, own a house, work with snakes, or even a very basic decision to complete a pending piece of work or make a call to an old friend. We procrastinate and postpone as a result of a baseless conviction that it will eventually be done. What we do not realize is people might commend us, that the extra effort we put in is probably worth it, that the decision is the right one. Things do not merely get done. We need to do them. 

What one does with one's life, is in one's own hands. It will not fall into place as one believes. Dare to do what is necessary. Make a move to set things in perspective.  Be bold and fearless. Take the first step. 

You will have served your purpose.